Click here to see our new FP loading pump.

We develop and produce our own FP centrifugal pumps. Our pumps are characterized by high performance and high durability. The pumps are supplied in the sizes 6", 8" and 10" and can act as both loading- and unloading pump depending on the mounting.

In addition, we also sell brands like Börger and Jurop which we primarily supply as rotary pumps.

The combination of the FP centrifugal pump and rotary pumps are the heart behind our solutions. Both types of pumps are available in several models with different performance, please write or call us for more information.

We also offer refurbishment and service of pumps, and we always have a good deal on spare parts.


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New FP centrifugal pump

We have now tested our new centrifugal pump with excellent results. The pump was tested at different pressure on a 40,500 liter tank trailer. Click here to read more and watch videos of the pump in action.

Ny FP læssepumpe


Collaboration with MidtTank A/S

We have made a partnership with MidtTank A/S regarding the sale of tank trailers. The tank trailers are of the brand G. MAGYAR, which is a French manufacturer with many years of experience and produces more than 1,200 trucks per year.

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